Monday, November 28, 2016

France moves to label settlement goods while ignoring over 200 territorial disputes

Via The Times of Israel:
France published an official notification Thursday urging businesses to use labels to identify goods produced in the Israeli settlements, prompting a swift condemnation from Israel. 
It was not immediately clear whether the notice published in the French Official Journal is binding for retailers or a recommendation. A press official with the trade ministry said late Thursday she was not aware of the notification and couldn’t immediately say whether it was mandatory or advisory. (...)
Late Thursday, Israel’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon said “it’s unfortunate that France, which has a law against boycotts, is advancing steps like these which can be interpreted as giving a tail wind to radical actors and the boycott movement against Israel.”
The Israeli statement added: “Furthermore, it is incredible and even worrying that France chose to apply a double standard by [making such a law] only for Israel, while ignoring over 200 territorial disputes currently ongoing in the world, including those taking place on its threshold.”

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