Friday, November 4, 2016

UK: Ringleader of ‘violent’ UCL protest believes 'Zionists' control the media, economy

Sounds familiar?

Via CAA:
CAA reports antisemitic tweets by ringleader of ‘violent’ UCL protest to police and university

Campaign Against Antisemitism has referred the leader of a ‘violent’ protest at UCL last week to the Metropolitan Police Service and UCL over antisemitic tweets which have come to light.

The protest last Thursday against the presence of an Israeli speaker at the university reportedly resulted in three female students being assaulted, whilst protesters surrounded and trapped attendees despite efforts by university security and police to separate them from the protesters. At one point protesters jumped through a window to confront the terrified audience of predominantly Jewish students.

Now, Campaign Against Antisemitism has contacted the police and the university regarding security at the event, the conduct of the protesters, and in particular their leader, UCLU Friends of Palestine Society President Yahya Abu Seido. Though Abu Seido’s Twitter account is protected, CAA has obtained tweets stating that:

    “ISIS serves Israel”
    The media is “Zionist”
    “Zionists own the economy”
    Israel should be destroyed
    Israel is pursuing “Nazism”
    “Little Israeli girls get brave on Twitter”
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