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Belgium: Flemish weekly Knack publishes jew-hatred from Abou Jahjah

Zakia Belkhiri, a Belgian Muslim woman, made headlines when she took a selfie of herself at an extreme-right demonstration.  However, it was then discovered that she's full of hate herself.
In one tweet dating from November 2012, she wrote: "Hitler didn't kill all the Jews, he left some. So we know why he was killing them."
And in another Facebook post from March 2014, she used an expletive to describe Jews before adding: "I hate them so much." 
Dyab Abou Jahjah, a famous antisemite himself, rushed to her defense.

Guest post by Dr Rudi Roth, Investigative reporter and scientist  (edited by blog admin):

Here what is going on in Belgium after the famous selfie woman affair.

1. VRT rightly removed an article by Abou Jahjah  

Abou Jahjah published an article on the site of the public media, VRT.

The article was taken offline in less a than a minute by the VRT.  Abou Jahjah claimed VRT violated his freedom of speech when they prevented him from comparing Israel to Islamic State.

But the article was picked up by the weekly Knack.

It is "very delicate" from the weekly to publish a Jew-hatred article from that permanent antisemite just after the 2nd commemoration of the antisemitic attack on the Jewish museum in Brussels on May 24th, 2014!

It may be the wish of the Knack management to reinforce the antisemitic feeling in the country so as the create some local Mohammed Merahs that would also kill Jewish toddlers in Jewish schools as happened in Toulouse.

2. The reason for Jahjah's article are these facts:

Just a few days ago it turned out that the Muslim girl making selfies at an extreme-right manifestation in Antwerp and therefor considered as a real hero, was herself a real antisemite.

 The quite complete story can be read here (BBC) and also here in Dutch (Joods Actueel) where it is explained by studies of several organisations (from Anti-Defamation League and another by VUB professor Elchardus) that antisemitism is common with young Muslims in Europe and in particular in Belgium. And that this phenomena is reinforced by the extreme anti-Israel statements from the extreme-leftist organisations, including Movement X, led by Abou Jahjah and Karim Hassoun.

Joods Actueel's editor published a call to partner with moderate Muslims; in complete contrast to the the hate statements by Abou Jahjah and his calls for maximum discord.

Abou Jahjah's objective, in addition to creating maximum discord, is to make Jew-hatred socially acceptable under a very light veil of  supposed anti-Zionism.

 Knack apparently committed to publish his article, after the public media VRT removed it, probably for its hate-incitement and because VRT didn't want to pollute the commemoration day of the major antisemitic attack in Belgium on May 24th performed by a young Muslim extremist.

While most Belgian media mentioned today the commemoration day, Knack seems to have skipped it. Accident? Or on purpose?

More on the planned Abou Jahjah article below (in 4. & 5.)

3. Not the first time that Knack publishes Jew-hatred articles. Candidate as successor of Der Stürmer?

It is not the first time that Knack publishes Jew-hatred articles. A previous article written by a close relation of Abou Jahjah, Yassine Channouf, was taken offline after a short time when it became clear that is was based on neo-Nazi pseudo-historical and revisionist information. Even extreme-left historians close to the Abou Jahjah groups approved the removal and were therefore seriously insulted by the Abou Jahjah teamers.

More recently, Knack published also an article signed by Karim Hassoun, the successor of Abou Jahjah in his Arab European League (AEL).

Karim Hassoun's 'hate-resumé" is published here in Dutch and Knack is fully aware of it and even censured all posts mentioning it on their Facebook pages. Great democratic behavior.

He is the organisor of the manifestation in Antwerp on July 12th, 2014 were the crowd shouted "cut the throats of the Jews" and other "nice intentions". (Note, they probably also meant "Zionists" instead of "Jews"... Funny the way the Arab word "yahoud" gets different "translations" since some time)

Hassoun also glorified the Hezbollah child-murderer Samir Kuntar on his Facebook wall (link in the article)

In addition he, together with Abou Jahjah, whose second in command he still is, organized a fake commemoration for an antisemitic Hamas terrorist in front of the Jewish museum for deportation and resistance in Mechelen.  (Jewish museum, not "Zionist" museum...)

Commeorating Arab terrorist in front of Jewish museum, AEL site

4. Abou Jahjah - inciting teenagers to hate Jews

One of the major elements of Abou Jahjah's defence of the antisemitic selfie girl  is that she was only 18 years old when she made these antisemitic statements and needed to be educated.

Lets have a closer look to Abou Jahjah's educational qualities and values.

In 2003, the AEL forum was run by Jessica Jessie Kerkhove, a Belgian convert to Islam, who posted as follows:

"Palestine back to the Arabs.  The Jews have to get off our land.  Out of it or in it" (ie, buried in it).

This is exactly the statement Abou Jahjah uses himself: in French "la valise ou le cercueil" (the suitcase or the casket).

The moderator of the AEL forum of Abou Jahjah, Jessie was then only 16 years old.

The "education" she received from Abou Jahjah led her to write that kind of hate-text.

After some time she changed her text to:
 "Palestine back to the Arabs. The Israelis must get off our land. Out of it in or it"  (with an eye-rolling smiley and a "jeez, people")

But in fact it was still the same.  She meant: "THE JEWS out or get killed"


5. Abou Jahjah's "difference" between Jews and "Zionists"

Abou Jahjah pretends that one has to make the distinction between "Jews" and "Zionists" and that he always used "Zionist".

He forgets to mention that he uses "Zionist" because Jew-hatred is illegal in Belgium and that he mainly means and thinks "Jews".

When the mayor of Antwerp, Bart De Wever, decided to call the assistance of the army after the terror attacks in Paris in order to protect the Antwerp Jewish schools, he called him "a Zionist sucker" ('zionisten-pijper') and he clearly meant Jews. (There are of course no "Zionist" schools)

He also thereby approved in his article the "correction/apologies" made by the selfie girl that she meant "Zionist" and not "Jews" in her statement about Hitler.

“Hitler didn't kill all the Jews, he left some. So we [would] know why he was killing them”

What would read then

“Hitler didn't kill all the Zionists, he left some. So we [would] know why he was killing them”

Hitler's actions happened in 1940-1945 and then that extermination would be acceptable for Abou Jahjah, approving Hitler, such as the Nazi Mufti of Jerusalem.

Interesting "logic"

(click to enlarge)

In a earlier made screenshot (texts are from August 15 & 16, 2009) about "la valise ou le cercueil" and which became public some months ago, he wrote these sentences:
Jew or no jew, we will still chase them out of our land. Fatah is corrupted anyway so why is anybody surprised.   La valise ou le cerceuil.!
and then
And again, Palestine is our land and we will take it back, it doesn't matter who did what there. If you are on Palestinian ground you are an invader and the resistance should deal with you. And Palestinian ground is the whole of historical Palestine. And spare me the lamentation about being a refugee cos once again I couldn't care less. I have onlu one phrase to all the Zionists invaders in Palestine: La valise ou le cerceuil.
 and (only partly on the screenshot):
Regarding Gaza, it is a concentration camp created by the Zio-Nazis and there is a total blockade against the people there because they elected Hamas as their democratic choice. So do not speak about Gaza as if Hamas made it like that. And before saying the name of a glorious resistance movement like Hamas in your mouth you better go wash it first from all the zionist dirty propaganda you are spreading.

When he states in his hate-article to be published by Knack: 
... because I realize that in my situation as an example to many (sic!) and thus my responsibility to make people conscious that it is not an ethnic nor religious conflict.
It is clear from his own statements that he is the first one to make it an ethnic conflict against Jews, and not only in Israel but also against the Jews in Europe!

And he is an example: an example of an antisemite for present antisemites and antisemites to be created by him.

"Thank you" Knack, reminding Belgian and European Jews that Jew-hatred in the Flemish press is back again since the 1940's.

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