Thursday, May 19, 2016

Germany: Anti-Israel groups hijack Berlin’s May Day demonstrations, moderate activists forced out

Via Legal Insurrection:
Anti-Israel boycott campaign, the so-called BDS movement, and other anti-Israel groups are carrying out a coordinated campaign to hijack the May Day demonstrations in Germany with an aim of spreading their anti-Semitic and anti-Israel message. The blatant anti-Semitism and the hatred of Israel these groups propagates is getting so repugnant that it is unnerving even the old left-wingers who otherwise never missed a chance of criticising the Jewish State.

The attempts by some moderate groups to keep anti-Israel agitators from taking over the Labour Day events have failed. A resolution tabled by a prominent left-wing activist Jutta Ditfurth seeking to expel openly anti-Semitic groups from the event was rejected overwhelmingly by the organising committee, forcing Ditfurth and her environmentalist group groups to leave the alliance.


Jutta Ditfurth is well acquainted with the German radical left. “Never before did we witness this sort of hate filled anti-Semitic discussion in a supposedly left wing alliance,” says the Frankfurt-based journalist who is active within the “Ecological Left” and has an office in Frankfurt’s old Town Hall.


[…] Ditfurth maintains that there was always anti-Semitism [at the demonstrations] but “[organisers] always succeeded in making it clear that May Day in Berlin was not about Israel, but this time “things are substantially different.” Now the groups like BDS and F.O.R. that are primarily concerned with fighting Israel have joined the alliance [organising body] in a “raid-like” manner. [Author’s translation]

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