Monday, May 16, 2016

Norway: Empty suitcase placed outside synagogue, causes bomb scare

According to this article, police don't think it's necessary to investigate who placed the suitcase outside the synagogue or why.

Via The Local:
Oslo Police were called out to the Jewish society Det Mosaiske Trossamfund’s synagogue on Friday morning after someone placed a suitcase outside the building in the middle of the night.

After police cordoned off a large area surrounding the synagogue and sent in a bomb squad, they were able to call of the alarm shortly after 11am.

"The suitcase turned out to be empty. The barriers will remain on Bergstien. Other roadblocks have been removed. No suspect in the case. The case is closed," Oslo Police tweeted.

Police said that the suitcase was set outside the synagogue at around 4am. A bomb squad was called in to investigate the bag and surrounding streets were blocked off. Police did not at any point evacuate the area, which includes a school and a daycare institution.

Police said that video surveillance cameras recorded the person placing the bag at the entrance to the synagogue. The man was described as dark-skinned and dressed in dark clothing.

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