Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Germany: Man wearing kippa harassed on Berlin metro

Via RIAS (h/t Honestly Concerned):

A man wearing a kippa was harassed and threatened on the Berlin metro.

Before the incident, the victim was outside the station where he saw a man wearing a Thor Steinar jacket, popular by the extreme right.  Intimidated, he turned towards the metro station.

On the platform he met a group of 7-12 men, who pointed to him and said things [in Arabic] like "Israel" and "Yehudit" (Jew) and "Hinzin" (pig).  The group boarded the same carriage as the victim, who quickly switched carriages to avoid further harassment.

When the group got off, they punched and spat at the window where he was sitting, made gestures that they'll cut off his head, and shouted antisemitic slogans at him.

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