Friday, September 2, 2016

UK: Jewish MP receives death threats from Corbyn supporter

Via Jerusalem Post:
A Jewish member of the British Parliament was provided police protection after receiving online anti-Semitic death threats.

Ruth Smeeth was repeatedly referred to as a "Yid," the Jewish Chronicle reported.

The message also said that  “the gallows would be a fine and fitting place” for the 37 year old MP “to swing from”.

She wrote on Twitter about the reaction to the threats: “Huge thanks for the solidarity and supportive messages. I'm very touched and will keep fighting the good fight against abuse.”

The death threat showed strong support for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, referring to a “hatchet job” against him by the “right-wing, neo-con, Nazi-Zionist outfit Portland Communications”.

It ended by saying “Jeremy Corbyn, to put it bluntly, is staying exactly where he is”.
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