Friday, September 2, 2016

Ukraine: Kippah-wearing Israeli journalist attacked by Nazi

Israeli journalist Yitzchak Hildesheimer writes of an antisemitic attack he experienced in Kharkiv.

He was in the city on occasion of teh countyr's 25th independence day.  He was wearing a kippah and walking together with two female guides from Israel in one of hte city's main streets.  A young Ukrainian came up behind him, punched him in teh back and then did the Nazi salute.  When Hildesheimer turned around, he raised his hand again in salute.

The young man was accompanied by a group of girls, and apparnetly he wanted to show-off to them.

Hildesheimer says that he's visited the country 31 times and until now he's only met with friendly responses to his kippah.  He did not think the attack worthy of reporting to the police.

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