Friday, February 24, 2017

France: Muslim parliamentary assistant 'likes' anti-Semitic and negationist posts

Via L'Express:

L'Express and le Canard Enchaîné were the first newspapers to report that Yacine Chaouat, a parliamentary assistant to Senator Roger Madec (Socialist Party), had been posting jihadi propaganda on his Facebook account involving beheadings, calls to join the jihad, denigration of the kafirs (the infidels).

One of his acquaintances identified him and alerted the authorities to the "really worrying" facts.

"At the beginning, it was about 'liking' anti-Semitic and negationist posts", she said, adding that the 'likes' were followed by jihadist propaganda.

Yacine Chaouat, a former deputy to the mayor of Paris, was at the heart of a controversy in 2015 when he was appointed to the newly-formed national secretariat of the PS, because of his conviction in 2010 for domestic violence. Under pressure, he resigned.

At the time, Yacine Chaouat, denounced on Facebook, a "double penalty". "It is with sadness that I find that in today's France, as Muslims we do not have a second chance," he wrote.

Experts consistently argue that antisemitism is to be found only among the disaffected, uneducated, dispossessed young Muslims in the 'banlieues'.  This case shows how wrong and biased their arguments are.  It also shows that it never stops with the Jews!

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