Tuesday, February 14, 2017

UK: Racist Labour’s Councillor Clarke found berating Holocaust victims for not fighting back

Via CAA:
John Clarke, a Labour Councillor and Chairman of Black Notley Parish Council in Essex, who was a parliamentary candidate for Labour in 2015, has been found to have posted a comment on Facebook berating Holocaust victims for ‘not fighting back’. Despite being an unarmed civilian population facing the might of Nazi Germany’s genocidal forces, Jews famously did mount fierce rebellions and missions to sabotage or resist the Nazis.

We exposed Councillor Clarke on Tuesday after he tweeted an image from a neo-Nazi website claiming that the Rothschild family, a Jewish family of bankers and philanthropists, has “used usury alongside modern Israel as an imperial instrument to take over the world and all of its resources, including you and I”.

Now, Campaign Against Antisemitism has been contacted by a former pupil of Clarke’s over a Facebook rant in 2012 in which Clarke wrote: “As for WW2, I am unaware of any significant military action taken by Jews against Nazi Germany; ask older Jews why they didn’t actually FIGHT the nazis. In addition, insulting the memory of the allied forces, which included many of my relatives, who actually freed Jews from concentration camps you are the ‘deniers’ here. You may also like to know that many British ex-soldiers now in their eighties remember what the Jews did to members of the British forces sent to keep the peace in Israel, before it was declared a sovereign state in the late 1940s. I’ll bet you have an excuse for THAT disgusting bit of Jewish history”.

However as we learned when we first exposed him, Clarke believes that those who call him an antisemite are simply part of a conspiracy, tweeting: “Antisemite smear in constant overuse as those who use it expand their power base”. It is not hard to imagine who he is referring to.

Councillor Clarke is listed as a “Senior Lecturer” at the University of East London* and serves as a governor of school. We have made disciplinary complaints to the District Council, the university and the school.

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