Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Ukraine: Graves from the time of the Holocaust are looted in search of gold teeth

Zhytomyr - the looting of Jewish mass graves from the days of the Holocaust have become a widespread epidemic in the country, this emerges from reports in Ukraine. The looters desecrate the graves looking in search of gold teeth, jewelry and skulls which are sold openly in urban markets. In recent years dozens of such cases have been reported in cities in the Zhytomyr Oblast (province) in the west of the country, but most looters are never brought before justice.
The president of the European forum for Russian speaker Jews, Mikhail Ihodnin, says that Ukraine has many mass graves where thousands of Jews were buried who had been killed during the Holocaust years. “We are making efforts to finance concrete and maintenance works to prevent looting and to erect monuments so people would understand the meaning of the place, but unfortunately we do not have enough resources” the president of the forum said.

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