Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sweden: Anti-Semitic incidents have trebled in Malmö in recent years

Via Brendan O'Neill:
The Twitterati is laughing its head off at Trump and his alt-right cheerleaders for saying there are cultural tensions in places like Malmo in Sweden. Everything is cool in Sweden, they say. 
Anti-Semitic incidents have trebled in Malmö in recent years. A chapel that serves Jews has been repeatedly desecrated. A local rabbi says he is regularly spat on and abused. The Jewish community centre was bombed. The Telegraph says more than 30 Jewish families have left the city. Should we not talk about this? Perhaps it's Islamophobic to talk about anti-Semitism? 
How easy it is for comfortable, happy, non-Jewish columnists in London and New York to say "Everything is fine in Sweden!" They are stupidly pushing more and more people towards Trump, because he appears to be the only person willing to discuss the new cultural and social tensions. The alt-right is the only beneficiary when the left engages in the Orwellian airbrushing tactic of saying "Everything's cool". It's about time the left took the problem of anti-Semitism seriously.

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