Tuesday, February 21, 2017

UK: Antisemitic graffiti found in Kew promoting Holocaust denial and Jewish conspiracy myth

Via CAA:
Grossly offensive and antisemitic graffiti has been found on park benches next to Kew Pier in the London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames.

While walking her dog on Sunday 12th February, Drorit Etzioni, a Jewish lady, spotted the antisemitic graffiti and took photos. “Bank of England” surrounded by stars of David was daubed in thick black paint on one bench and “Goyim, Holohoax, Google” on another. She was left shaken by the graffiti. A friend reported the incident to Campaign Against Antisemitism and the police on her behalf so that it can be thoroughly investigated and the graffiti removed. Kew Pier and nearby Kew Gardens are popular spots for young families and tourists.

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