Friday, May 19, 2017

Belgium: Is Jewish life still possible in Belgium?

Via European Jewish Press (Yossi Lempkowicz):
The vote by the Parliament of Wallonia in Namur to ban religious slaughter of animals, thus shechitah, is a clear direct attack against the Jewish community, its way of life and above all against religious freedom which is enshrined in the EU fundamental rights. 
Of course, some will argue that the measure only affects the Orthodox Jewish community.... This is totally untrue. It affects all Jews, orthodox and secular together. It is a political attack against  all the 40,000 Jews living in Belgium. 
By voting such a legislation, Walloon legislators have shown a total insensivity towards the Jewish community which is very sensitive because of the past. Yes remember the Nazis also acted to ban the Jewish way of life… (...) 
Several months ago, Belgium’s Prime Minister Charles Michel declared that "Belgium without Jews is not Belgium." What does he do to protect the rights of this part oft he population  and make that Jews really feel at home in a political environment that is not hostile? A member of his own party co-initiated the hostile legislation... 
"It is truly sad that the Belgian Jewish community, which already lives in a constant state of emergency--with military personnel guarding its schools and synagogues following the rise of anti-Semitic attacks and the terror attack against the Brussels Jewish Museum--is now also facing unjust laws from the legislature," righty notes  Daniel Schwammenthal, Director of the AJC Transatlantic Institute. 
So now the real question is: "Are Jews still welcome in Belgium?" Or, "Should Jews still stay in Belgium or leave ?" 
Some have already decided and left the country. Others are thinking to do the same.  But the remaining Belgian Jews should stand up against this attack against our values and ask to be respected as Jews.

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