Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Germany: PayPal probes neo-Nazi account supportive of Holocaust denier and Hezbollah

Via The Jerusalem Post (Benjamin Weinthal):
PayPal launched an investigation last week into its account with a neo-Nazi organization that is pro-Hezbollah, pro-Assad and also supports a convicted Holocaust denier.
In response to a Jerusalem Post query on Twitter, the microblog’s support handle AskPayPal wrote in German: “We in no way, wish to support this [the Neo-Nazi website The Third Way (Der Dritte Weg)].” (...) 
The Third Way has also come out in support of convicted Holocaust denier Horst Mahler. Mahler served multiple sentences in Germany for Holocaust denial and other Nazi-related activities. After being released from a 10-year sentence in 2015 owing to ill health, it is believed that Mahler fled to Hungary in April and was subsequently detained there this May. 
The Third Way then wrote: “Freedom for Horst Mahler: Political Prisoner of the Federal Republic of Germany.” It is unclear if the website has used its PayPal funds to support Mahler. The website lists multiple blog posts in support of him, and on Friday, The Third Way expressed its “solidarity” with Mahler. 
Meanwhile, Germany’s domestic intelligence agency has been monitoring The Third Way’s activities. According to a 2016 Bavarian intelligence report, the intelligence officials deemed the website to be spreading an antisemitic ideology. The neo-Nazis oppose asylum for refugees and foment xenophobia across Germany, according to German intelligence reports reviewed by the Post. 
The Third Way published an April 30 report on its members’ visit to Lebanon to champion Hezbollah’s war against Israel. According to the website, they met with the extremist Syrian Social Nationalist Party in Lebanon and representatives of the Assad regime in Syria. The Assad regime harbored the Austrian Nazi war criminal Alois Brunner. 
Kai Zimmermann
Also, Kai Zimmermann, a senior leader of The Third Way, visited the Hezbollah propaganda museum called Where the Land Speaks to the Heavens in the village of Mleeta in southern Lebanon, and posed next to a plaque reading, “No, Israel is not invincible.” The neo-Nazi group labeled Israel a “terror state” on its website and calls for a full-blown boycott of the Jewish state. Zimmermann did not immediately respond to a Post query about the organization’s PayPal account.
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