Sunday, May 14, 2017

France: Macron’s party boots politician over tweets deemed anti-Semitic

Via Times of Israel:
The party of France’s president-elect Emmanuel Macron withdrew from its parliamentary elections ticket a politician who made statements deemed anti-Semitic.

Christian Gerin, a journalist, was taken off the En Marche ticket Friday, a day after he was nominated to represent the party in next month’s elections for the French parliament, in connection with messages he wrote in 2013, throughout last year and this year on Twitter.

In one tweet, flagged as “anti-Semitic” by the LICRA watchdog against anti-Semitism and racism, he wrote: “When will there be a separation between CRIF and state?”

CRIF is the umbrella group of French Jewish communities, whose critics say wields too much influence over French politicians.

He also wrote that Manuel Valls, a former prime minister under outgoing President Francois Hollande, is “virulently Zionist, racist and an Islamophobe.” Gerin also wrote on Twitter: “The only solution: BDS.” Laurence Haim, a spokesperson for en Marche, confirmed to the France Bleu that the suspension was over the tweets.

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