Wednesday, May 17, 2017

France: Catholic journalist compares Israel to ISIS

Via Honest Reporting:

La Croix is the most influential Catholic newspaper in France.  As Honest Reporting stresses its editorial line is hostile to Israel and pro-Palestinian.

La Croix published yesterday an articled penned by Mélinée Le Priol, who used to cover the Palestinian territories for La Croix and is now based in France.  The piece is obviously hostile to Israel as the title indicates: "The Catholic Church refuses to consider the Israel-Palestine situation as normal".  

Mélinée Le Priol's chose the image below to feature on her Facebook profile. There is no doubt as on which side her sympathies lie.

The image equates the terrible attacks perpetrated by ISIS in Paris on November 13, 2015 with what Palestinians are alleged to endure at the hands of Israel 24 hours a day and 7 days a week (24/7).

La Croix management were contacted for an explanation. Mélinée Le Priol expressed regrets for having posted the image.

But the real question is the following: is a person who has expressed such views qualified to cover the current events affecting the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?


La Croix used to be one of the most antisemitic newspapers in Europe - proudly boasting that it was "the most antisemitism paper in France"

This is the type of slanders against Jews it was keen to publish "... extracts published in the French Catholic newspaper La Croix, (Father Léon) Dehon wrote that Jews were "thirsty for Gold" and that "lust for money is a racial instinct in them"; he called the Talmud "a manual for the bandit, the corrupter, the social destroyer"; and he recommended several measures later adopted by the Nazis, including that Jews wear special markings, live in ghettos and be excluded from land ownership, judgeships and teaching positions."

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