Tuesday, May 30, 2017

UK: Manchester bomber cousin's antisemitic tweets: “If only Hitler was still alive these Jews would be burnt in chambers.”

Via The Jewish Chronicle:
A cousin of Manchester bomber Salman Abedi had previously posted antisemitic messages on social media and voiced his hatred for the UK. 
Abderahman Forjani, 21, was arrested last Tuesday along with his brother Abdalla,24, following the Manchester Arena atrocity on Monday night. 
But in a series of posts revealed by The Times the younger of the two brothers had earlier shown his feeling towards Jews writing: “If only Hitler was still alive –these Jews would be burnt in chambers.” 
Mr Forjani, who lives at the family home in Fallowfield, had also expressed his hatred towards his home city writing:”Manchester is my no.1 enemy I f***ing hate the s***hole.”
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