Monday, January 25, 2016

France: Israeli ambassador to France: There is sense of insecurity in Jewish community

It must be pointed out that non-Jewish French people are also deeply disturbed and frightened by what is going on.  A recent poll revealed that only 12% of the French population trust politicians and 24% the media.  It is not surprising that so many Jews are leaving France.

The Jerusalem Post reports:  (H/T Philippe)

Israeli Ambassador to France Aliza Bin-Noun is a busy woman. Her secretary’s telephone doesn’t stop ringing with interview requests or by people who would like to meet the Jewish state’s top female diplomat.  [...]

“Indeed, ever since I got here last summer I’ve been confronted with a sense of insecurity in the Jewish community – insecurity primarily following the attack at Hyper Cacher, but also due to the smaller scale attacks that ensued, such as the incident in Marseille just a few days ago, where a teacher was stabbed by a 15-year old,” says Bin-Noun in an interview with The Jerusalem Post. “The accumulation of so many incidents definitely takes its toll on them.”

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