Wednesday, January 20, 2016

UK: Hartlepool MP harassed, told that Jews control the money

Via Hartlepool Mail:
Hartlepool’s serving MP Iain Wright told a jury how a constituent made threats and anti-semitic remarks while he was on the election campaign trail.


Mr Wright told the jury he was delivering election leaflets with his party agent Christopher Hawkins in Milbank Road, Hartlepool.

“I saw two men across the street,” said Mr Wright. “I recognised one as Tony Rowbotham who has been to my constituency office and to my surgeries many times over the years.

“He asked me how I dared show my face in Dyke House, and that I looked an absolute state.

“He started talking about how Jews control the money, and that he didn’t want ‘Miliband the Jew’ as Prime Minister.”

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