Friday, January 15, 2016

UK: British aliyah up 25%

The Jewish Chronicle reports:
The number of UK Jews who emigrated to Israel in 2015 rose by almost 25 per cent on the previous year, making it the third highest aliyah figure in a decade.

According to the Jewish Agency, 774 Jews left Britain for Israel last year, up from 627 in 2014. The figures are preliminary and could be revised upwards.

The olim are predominantly young, Orthodox and well-educated, with more than a quarter having at least one university degree. [...]

Rael Goodman, head of the Jewish Agency's delegation in the UK, said the figure was "a true vote of confidence in Israel".

Rabbi Daniel Roselaar, the minister of Alei Tzion in Hendon, one of the United Synagogue's youngest communities, said that many members of his congregation were leaving for Israel.

"Our membership tends to be young and we have a lot of people with transferable skills, which mean that they have realistic employment opportunities in Israel. The uncertain security situation in Europe and increased antisemitism is also motivating people's thinking, meaning that Israel is seeming less dangerous than it was some years back," he said  [...]
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