Thursday, January 28, 2016

Germany: Jews shouldn't wear a kippah because "people don't need to provoke anyone"

Via DW:
Lena Stein lights a cigarette while she considers the question of whether she still feels safe as a Jew living in Germany. "I cannot answer that with yes or no," says the student from Frankfurt am Main, as she exhales a cloud of smoke into the icy winter air. "The subject is far too complex."


Lena Stein says she does not think that refugees pose a threat to the Jewish community in Germany. "These people have fled terror and civil war themselves, they want to live in peace and quiet without being oppressed by fundamentalists," says the 25-year-old. In any case, Lena does not feel threatened on the streets of Frankfurt, qualifying her answer by saying, "but I don't wear anything that says I am a Jew." Daniel Neumann also says, "as long as no one can see that we are Jewish we only have a very diffused feeling of concern, but not a feeling of fear."

Lena also has no worries about her own safety, or that of family and friends, when present in institutions within the Jewish community. "We are all very well protected there, we are really safe." Nevertheless, when asked about whether Jews should wear their yarmulkes on the street, she says no, adding that it could end up causing a radical to attack the yarmulke wearer - "People don't need to provoke anyone."
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