Thursday, January 21, 2016

UK: Pro-Palestinians campaign for yet another terrorist who wanted to kill Jews

Ahmad Manasrah and his cousin showed up with knives in a Jerusalem neighbrohood and started chasing Jews.  They almost killed a 12-year-old boy before they were stopped by police.

While Ahmad Manasrah was being treated in an Israel hospital, Palesinan leader Abbas claimed he had been 'executed' by the Israelis. 

Now the poor freedom fighter is standing trial for attempted murder.   After all, he only wanted to kill Jews.  There's no reason he should pay a price for that.

Via Samidoun:
A group of activists in Bristol, UK joined the international campaign to Free Ahmad Manasrah, projecting a video about the 13-year-old Palestinian boy’s severe injury, abusive interrogation, imprisonment and separation from his family at the hands of Israeli occupation forces on the city council building on Sunday, 17 January.

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