Tuesday, March 22, 2016

France: AFP claims Iran, Morocco, Tunisia have 'significant' Jewish communities

This is AFP's headline for a story about Israel rescuing Jews from Yemen:

Israel 'rescues' 19 Jews from war-torn Yemen in covert operation

Note the scare quotes on the word 'rescue'.  Doe they have a problem saying simply that Israel rescues Jews?

The first sentence of the article does its best to put as much distance between Israel and the simple fact that it rescued Jews.
Israel has spirited 19 Jews out of war-torn Yemen in a "covert operation" to rescue some of the last remnants of one of the world's most ancient Jewish communities, officials said Monday.

But what I found most interesting in this article is the little tidbit at the end.  Because AFP could not write anything good about Israel without 'balancing' it with some made up claims about how well Jews are doing in some Muslim countries.
Elsewhere in the Muslim world, Iran, Morocco and Tunisia still boast significant Jewish communities.

What are 'significant' Jewish communities, you might ask?

Iran boasts less than 9,000 Jews (0.01% of the total population)
Morocco boasts less than 2,500 Jews (0.007% of the total population)
Tunisia boasts 1,700 Jews (0.015% of the total population)

These communities are just a small percentage of the communities that existed in these countries before they were expelled from their homes.

Iran boasts 6-9% of its former Jewish population.
Morocco boasts less than 1% of its former Jewish population
Tunisia boasts less than 2% of its former Jewish population

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