Monday, March 21, 2016

France: Molenbeek dwellers say Zionists behind Paris terrorist attacks

Le Monde reports that Molenbeek Muslim inhabitants, following the arrest of Salah Abdeslam, the terror suspect who helped perpetrate the November jihadi massacre in Parirs that claimed the lives of 130, unsurprisingly, say that Zionists and the secret services masterminded the attacks.

All sorts of conspiracy theories fly around - many will, while deploring the violence, ask who is behind it all? 

It is worth reminding our readers that Philippe Moureaux, the former mayor of Molenbeek declared that (the lobby) foments hate of Arabs in the West to justify Israel politics:
Philippe Moreaux, a former Belgian francophone socialist minister, told Maghreb TV, based in Brussels, that there is a sort of contagion of the Israeli-Palestinian problem and that some [the Jewish lobby ?] have an interest in exacerbating animosities here to mirror what happens there.

He argued that it is obvious that in the West it [the Jewish lobby ?] works to spread hatred of Arabs in order to justify the politics of Israel.
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