Monday, March 14, 2016

UK: Labour head praises mosque leader who calls for Israel's destruction, incites to kill Jews

Via The Telegraph:
Jeremy Corbyn has held at least 15 meetings – including four since he became Labour leader – with a leading figure from Finsbury Park mosque who blames Britain for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil), has called for the destruction of Israel and appeared to praise the recent wave of terrorist stabbings in that country.

Mr Corbyn has spoken of his “friendship” with the “legendary” Mohammed Kozbar, chairman of the mosque and vice-president of the Muslim Association of Britain, which is closely linked to the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood.

Mr Kozbar claims that the Finsbury Park mosque, formerly notorious as the base of Abu Hamza, has turned over a new leaf under his leadership. Mr Corbyn, too, has praised it as a “wonderful place” which “guides me and many others”.

But in a demonstration in December 2011 Mr Kozbar called for the destruction of Israel, saying: “This time it will be the end of Israel, inshallah [God willing.]”

On October 11 last year, amid a wave of stabbings of Israelis by Palestinians in Jerusalem and elsewhere, he wrote that “Palestine is uprising, Alquds [Jerusalem] is uprising and our brothers and sisters are giving everything to defend Alaqsa Mosque [in Jerusalem]. The question is what are we doing to support them and show them that they are not alone on this.” 

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