Wednesday, March 23, 2016

UK: "I hear my fair share of jaw-dropping comments about ‘my kind’"

Emma Barnett @ The Telegraph:
Like Orwell, I can only provide personal examples as there still hasn’t been any decent research done into this area (something he was calling for in 1945). But as a blonde snub-nosed Jew, I hear my fair share of jaw-dropping comments about ‘my kind’ because I enjoy the benefits of being incognito – aka bearing no resemblance to Goebbels’ cartoons. From those educated well-spoken types who confidently assert that Jews “think differently” to the ones who believe we “run America”, dinner party anti-Semitism is alive and well.

And then there was the time my good friend, who knows my faith, cracked ‘a joke’ about Jews being tight with money. This is the same pal I lent cash to when he was between pay cheques. Amazingly he failed to make the ironic connection before I gently spelt it out.

It’s true the latest fashionable form of anti-Semitism is to hold Jews collectively responsible for the actions of Israel and then compare those acts to the Holocaust. And it’s true this particular strain has been nurtured in certain Labour circles.

However, anti-Semitism is not a virus limited to the Left. The Justice Secretary Michael Gove addressed this very point in Berlin this week when he said: "Modern anti-Semitism finds a home in far too many hearts.”

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