Sunday, March 13, 2016

Germany: Speaker at anti-immigrant protest rails against Jewish and Zionist control of Germany

Photo: DW
About 3000 anti-immigrant protesters marched in Berlin on Saturday.

Speakers included activists for various right-wing parties, PEGIDA and ENDGAME, of various antisemitic and anti-Zionist persuasions.  Surprisingly, I could not find reports of the antisemitic undertones (or overtones) of the protest in the German media.   This report is based on twitter updates by anti-Nazi and antisemitism watchdog activists Enough is Enough, JFDA and KentrailVerschwörung.

Hendra Kremzow spoke about how the Jewish lobby and Zionists control German politicians and destabilize Germany, and claimed that pro-squatter activists are terrorists controlled by the Zionists.  Kremzow praised the Hungarian far-right party Jobbik and said that the Jews have become more powerful since WWII.

Kremzow previously claimed on his Facebook that the media director of Islamic State was a Jewish American convert and 'thus, a Jew', that Judaism had nothing to do with Zionism, that Zionists attract people who would have marched joyfully during the Nazi era.

Another speaker was Curd Schumacher, a right-wing video blogger, who in the past compared Israel's actions to the SS in Hitler's time.  He also posted about the International Anglo-Zionist finance system and praised Ahmadinejad as a 'wise man'.

Endgame, the far-right/far-left antisemitic fusion movement, was nicely represented.  Speakers include Frank Geppert, who in the past said the problem was 'Zionists and Oligarchs' and Kathrin Oertel, who in the past blamed "Zionists and their financial system" for war and displacement.  See more here on Oertel's collusion with pro-Palestinians activists.

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