Friday, March 25, 2016

Norway: Socialist MP says Israel is root cause of Islamist terrorism

Akhtar Chaudhry is an MP for the Socialist Left Party.

Following the Brussels attack he wrote on his blog that the reasons behind the terror must be understood and dealt with (h/t morsmal)

"We must remember that not all propaganda by extremists is nonsense.  Much of what they say for their opposition and propaganda is valid.  The war in Afghanistan, the occupation of Iraq, the proxy war in Syria, the dismantling of Libya as a state and society, the drone attacks in Pakistan and Yemen, the continued occupation of Palestine, with the subsequent pain and humiliation of the Palestinians are some things which the extremists rely on for their propaganda."

Chaudhry lists Israel along with Western attacks on Muslim countries.  The only people he mentions by name and whose suffering is explained at length, are the Palestinians. 

Chaudhry continues to say that the ways in which the extremists fight for the cause is abhorrent, but in order to fight recruitment to such groups, the root causes must be dealt with.

"The last thing we need is leaders like Donald Trump who will start a new political war against Iran, undermine common institutions like the UN and conduct an election campaign to allow Israel to continue repression on occupied land.  All this is an already known recipe for how extremism can continue and increase".

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