Sunday, May 1, 2016

France: Munich massacre widow boycotts Palestinian documentary to be screened at Cannes film festival

Ynet News reports:
Ilana Romano, whose husband weightlifter Yossef Romano was murdered in the Munich Olympics massacre, refused to appear in a new documentary titled "Munich: A Palestinian Story," which purports to present the Palestinian point-of-view of the attack, because the film director insisted on calling the murderers "freedom fighters," Ynet has learned.

Last year, director Narsi Hajjaj contacted Romano and asked her to participate in his project and present the Israeli side of the story.
Romano conditioned her participation on Hajjaj calling those who murdered the Israelis "terrorists" and not "freedom fighters," but the Lebanese filmmaker of Palestinian origin refused to commit to it.

"Eight Palestinian freedom fighters attacked the Olympic Village in Munich and took 11 Israeli athletes hostage," stated the text accompanying the project which will be screened at a special event highlighting Arabic cinema at the Cannes film festival next month, but not as part of the official program of the festival.

During the conversation between Romano and Hajjaj a year ago, Romano also told the director he could not use their conversations in the film, threatening to sue if he does.

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