Thursday, May 5, 2016

Germany: ‘You have to kill them, cut their throats, bomb them and throw them in the sea'

When an ex-Israeli checked out asylum centers and found antisemitic sentiments, he was accused by anti-Zionist site Mondoweiss of making it up.

Via Times of Israel:
Georg Potzies, a retired antiquarian from Berlin and a member of Ehrenberg’s community, is radically opposed to the government’s welcoming of refugees. The newcomers do not pose an immediate physical threat to the Jewish community, he said, but they could soon become a political liability.

“At the moment they are still busy with themselves: getting registered as asylum seekers and trying to get out of the crowded halls they’re staying in. They are focused on improving their personal situation, they don’t have time yet to attack other people,” Potzies said. “But after two or three years, once they figure out how things work here, it’s possible that they will become politically active, and it’s not hard to guess in which direction that will go.”

What about the Jewish community’s official position that hopes for the refugees to be taught respect for Western values, tolerance and democracy?

“This is the dream of leftists but it surely won’t happen,” Potzies replied. “Look at the Arabs who are already here for two or three generations. Even if you integrate them, that doesn’t mean they change their worldview. Those who were born here are just as anti-Semitic as those arriving just now.”

Potzies, who grew up secular and became religiously observant a decade ago, said he recently disguised himself as a journalist and interviewed 36 Arab refugees in Berlin. At first he asked them harmless questions to gain their trust and then inquired about their attitude toward Israel and Jews, he said. “The answers I got were exactly like those you would find in Der Sturmer: ‘You have to kill them, cut their throats, bomb them and throw them in the sea.’ There was not one exception.”
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