Monday, May 2, 2016

UK: 'Israel as it behaves is problematic to me,' says new NUS president

Via Jewish Chronicle:
The newly-elected National Union of Students president, Malia Bouattia, has avoided answering questions on Israel’s right to exist in her first television interview.

Questioned by Channel 4 News’s Cathy Newman, Ms Bouattia was asked whether she applied a double standard to the Jewish State.

Ms Bouattia said: “With Israel I condemn the human rights violations and continued oppression of the Palestinian people. It is not a particular targeting of any group.”

Ms Newman asked whether Ms Bouattia had a problem with the existence of Israel or “with Israel per-se”.

In response Ms Bouattia said: “I have a problem with the continued occupation of the Palestinian people and them being stripped of their rights.

“Israel as it behaves is problematic to me.”
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