Tuesday, May 3, 2016

UK: Jewish Labour MP speaks out over online anti-semitic abuse

Via Daily Mail (h/t CFCA)
A leading Jewish Labour MP has showed the level of anti-semitism online by publishing abusive messages sent to her.

Shadow cabinet member Luciana Berger, 34, says she has been sent thousands of insults.

Some feature the yellow star Nazis used to label Jews, while others caricature her with a big nose or greedily rubbing her hands. Some even call her a pig or threaten to rape or kill her.

Miss Berger joined the attacks on suspended Ken Livingstone, saying on Thursday that his claims Hitler was a Zionist were ‘a disgrace and have no place in our party’.

She tweeted a selection of the sick material and stressed anti-semitism remained a danger.

A source close to the Liverpool MP said: ‘They could be from Labour, they could be from further afield. There’s no way of knowing. With tweets you don’t know whether they’re from the left or right, although a lot of the abuse in the past has been from far-right groups in America.’
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