Tuesday, May 3, 2016

UK: Labour councillors compare Israel to Nazis, ISIS; blame ISIS on Israel

Via Sky News:
Two more Labour councillors have been suspended after posting anti-Semitic comments on Facebook - one claiming Israel was behind so-called IS.

Former Blackburn mayor Salim Mulla shared pictures suggesting that French and Japanese support for the Palestinians led to attacks by IS terrorists in retaliation.

He posted the images in August with the comment: "Is this a coincidence. You b***** daam right it is. We all know Zionism game being played.

"It's b***** obvious who is manupulating (sic) this. Those who are not sure. ISRAEL."

He also shared the same post that saw Bradford West MP Naz Shah suspended last week suggesting Israel be relocated in the US.

Mr Mulla was suspended within 30 minutes of his comments being disclosed on the Guido Fawkes website and only hours after Labour was forced to suspend Nottingham city councillor Ilyas Aziz for posts also suggesting Israel should be relocated to the US.

Mr Aziz also posted a link to an article about Nazi Germany with the comments: "A reminder of the treatment and suffering of Jews in Nazi Germany. Are there any similarities to how Israel is treating Palestinians?"
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Via Jewish News (h/t CFCA):
The leader of Brent Council has apologised for sharing a Facebook post which compared Israel with Islamic State.

Labour politician Muhammed Butt shared a clip which appears to show a Palestinian girl in a skirmish with an Israeli soldier, which at the bottom claimed “Israel is a terrorist state like ISIS.”

When contacted by Jewish News, Muhammed Butt, who is also the Lead for Equalities at London Councils, said: “I apologise for sharing this on social media. I do not agree with these views and as Leader of Brent Council I have championed diversity, tolerance and respect for all faith communities, and will continue to do so.”

Butt, who leads the council which has only seven non-Labour representatives, shared the post on 16 April, and has since removed it, after it was brought to the Labour Party’s attention by Jewish News.
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