Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Belgium: Christian party's leader accuses Zionists of masterminding Syria War

Agnes Jonckheere, head of the Flemish Christian Party (until recently called the "Free Christian Democrats" party), is now being investigated for several antisemitic statements she made in the past.

Meanwhile, Belgian Jewish magazine Joods Actueel found more of her anti-Jewish conspiracy theories. In a PowerPoint presentation on the Syrian conflict, Jonckheere outlines the differences between the good anti-Zionist Sephardic (=Haredi) Jews and the evil Zionist Ashkenzai Jews (who are not real Jews).  While the good Jews don't want to live in Israel and are satisfied with waiting for their Messiah and praying for world peace, the evil Jews are out to control the world by taking over the banks (via BIS), economies, political systems and media.  Syria was too free-wheeling for these evil Jews and the war is all about getting them under control too (apparently this is a common Leftist trope).

The party's peace plan for the Middle East apparently includes getting the Jews, Christians and Muslims to oppose the evil Zionists.  Because they're not antisemitic, they're just anti-Zionists.

The party is not currently represented in the Flemish parliament, but will try to get in in the upcoming elections.

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