Sunday, May 11, 2014

Netherlands: Wilders says French FN and Austrian FPO are not antisemitic

Geert Wilders on is on a "slippery slope" by forming a European election alliance with Marine Le Pen and an Austrian far-Right party with a "Brownshirt past", a Dutch Jewish group has warned. 
In an interview with The Telegraph on Tuesday, Mr Wilders admitted that he was uncomfortable with the idea of being in alliance with Mr Le Pen but insisted the French FN and Austrian FPO had changed
"I understand these comments but we are writing history here. I say to people, have a bit of trust, these parties are changing. We are working on a historical project," he said. 
"I am totally not comfortable with Mr Le Pen senior but I have enormous respect for Marine Le Pen. There is nothing racist or anti-Semitic about her. You cannot change a party overnight but the most important thing is the person in charge: is she or he heading in the right direction."

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