Friday, May 30, 2014

UK: Guardian op-ed claims Israel runs US foreign policy (and responsible for anti-western terrorists)

Via CiF Watch.

An op-ed in The Guardian by Carne Ross tries to answer the question why Obama is so stupid.  Answer?  It must be the Jews.  He can't possibly be acting in America's self-interests, so he must be acting in Israel's self-interests.

Ross says as follows:
As Egypt drifts into a persistent low-level civil war, and thousands of Muslim Brothers are imprisoned with barely the pretense of judicial process, the soil is being fertilized for yet another generation of anti-western terrorists.
There’s a legitimate suspicion that US foreign policy on this front is not being driven by America’s own needs. Even Obama said as much: 
In Egypt, we acknowledge that our relationship is anchored in security interests – from the peace treaty with Israel, to shared efforts against violent extremism. 
Indeed, Israel prefers "stability" in Egypt – just as it resists military intervention in Syria or significant game-changing arms supplies, like MANPADs, to the pro-democracy Syrian opposition.

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