Friday, May 16, 2014

Netherlands: Dutch volunteer in mosque told of Jewish practice to kill Christian newborns

Ron Doherty writes on the blog of Dutch journalist Joost Niemöller that as a student he volunteered in a mosque to work with kids. He realized when talking to the mosque administration and to the parents, that they were extremely antisemitic.

Talking to mosque leader Recep, the conversation quickly turned to the issue of Jews. Recep told Doherty of the Jewish tradition to put newborn Christian babies in nail-filled barrels so they could sip their blood. Deherty put it down to a misunderstanding. Maybe Recep heard a lecture on human sacrifices in early Judaism.

But the more he spoke with people in the mosque, that more he realized it was simple antisemitism.  From a deep sympathy for Hitler to denying the Holocaust. He heard every stereotype there is: Jews were lazy, greedy, stingy, like a virus or non-human.

When asked "why?", they automatically referred to the Palestinian conflict. But Doherty realized that there was nothing the Jews could do to make things right.  Because a long, long time ago, a Jew laughed at Mohammed.  Not everybody there was antisemitic, but Doherty estimates that about 80% were.

One day Ali, one of the kids, told him that there was a rumor his brother was going to marry a Jew.  When he asked Ali was it was so reprehensible the answer was: Jews are dirty. Ali finally called his brother and was relieved to discover the rumor was untrue.  Furkan, another kid, showed him pictures of Hamas attacks, given to him by his uncle who had contacts with the group. Furkan thought it was cool.

Doherty is very critical of the Leftists who ignore Muslim antisemitism and constantly claim that there's no link between Islam and Jew-hatred, and that every such 'incident' is coincidental.

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