Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Czech Republic: Euroskeptic party's campaign features Jewish ritual murder

Czech authorities censored a campaign ad for the "No to Brussels-National Democracy" party, as it featured antisemitic content.  Antisemitic sites like Joe Le Corebeau's Croah claim that this proves that Jews really do control the media. After all, the ad also featured some anti-Islam and anti-Roma clips, but this wasn't the reason it was banned.

The party claims it's not antisemitic. It's just anti-Israel.  Which is why their clip features a a painting portraying Jewish ritual murder and a visit by British freemasons at the local British synagogue.  The party claims it opposes homosexuality and freemasons, but for some reason their clip ties both these issues to Jews.

Israeli s and homosexuals, Jews and Freemasons

Blood libel painting
Books such as this one (available on Amazon) use this painting to illustrate how the Jews commit ritual murder.

More on the clip from the Economist:
In the offending ad, a digitally animated snake slithers in front of a variety of images, including a Star of David, smiling rabbis, a vaccination, a €500 note and smoke pouring from New York’s Twin Towers. The serpent is eventually slain by a knight holding a shield that bears a fork-tailed lion crest, the Czech national symbol. Czech Television refused to air the advertisement. Adam Bartoš, the leader and top European Parliament candidate for the “No to Brussels-National Democracy” party, admits the ad is “provocative.” He insists it is anti-Zionist, not anti-Semitic, though this fails to explain why Mr Bartoš has also taken to publishing lists on the internet of Czech elites he claims are Jewish. The snake in the ad, Bartoš said, symbolises Brussels. “Our party is dangerous for the establishment because it defends what other parties do not defend—a family and a nation.” 
The Roma minority are a convenient scapegoat for much of the right wing in Central and Eastern Europe, but Mr Bartoš and his party say little of the Roma. They are however against “Zionism, multiculturalism, homosexuality, free masons, banks, the new world order agenda and so on,” says Mr Bartoš.
More: The Economist h/t CFCA

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