Sunday, May 18, 2014

Israel: Vandalism against Jewish, Israeli targets

Recently there's been a wave of anti-Arab vandalism in Israel, which is generally reported by the world media.  Less reported is the anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli vandalism.

Below is a roundup of various attacks over the past month.  Though I have to confess - in a couple of cases it's hard to say whether the perpetrator is Jew or Arab.


Swastika = Star of David
Swastikas on Israeli flags

Beer Sheva

Memorial for fallen Israeli soldiers at high-school vandalized before Remembrance Day.
The memorial was vandalized a year ago as well.


Swastikas on Jewish car 
In January the tiers of Jewish cars were slashed. In other cases, windshields were smashed.


Swastikas, "crime", "Jaffa"

Recently Israeli flags (hung up for Israeli independence day) were vandalized. Earlier they were replaced with Palestinian flags.

Last October somebody spray-painted "Death to the Jews" and Death to Israel".

Tel Aviv

Altalena memorial vandalized.
The words "invading Arab armies" were wiped out.


Picture of Jew and swastika in a cemetery next to Hadera
Another swastika was spray-painted on a bus-station next to Harish.

"Hitler was right", swastika in the Arab town of Taibe

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