Friday, May 9, 2014

UK: Jewish MP gets constant death threats, described as "enemy of Islam"

Conservative MP Lee Scott told an all-party inquiry on ending discrimination in political campaigns that he's been targeted by antisemitic abuse and death threats since the 2010 general elections.

During the debate, Mr Scott said he had endured anti-Semitic abuse and death threats since the 2010 general election.

Leaflets had been circulated in his constituency of Ilford North describing him as an "enemy of Islam", he added. 
Mr Scott said: "At the 2010 general election, I remember it very clearly, on a Friday, I was walking back to my car when two gentlemen - I use the word very loosely - approached me, called me a dirty Jew, and said they were going to kill me
Mr Scott continued: "That was some four years ago, so you'd have thought that it would all have died down. 
"But sadly it hasn't. I still regularly get emails saying I should be stoned to death, I'm not quite sure why, but nonetheless I get them. 
"Also, after speaking in January at the Holocaust memorial debate that we had in the chamber, I received a letter calling me a 'dirty Jew' and saying again I should be killed for speaking up against people killing Jews.
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