Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Italy: MEP says Jewish control of the economy prevents EU action against Israel

Gianni Vattimo, MEP for Italy, is a politician for various Leftist parties (Socialists and Communists).  In January he made headlines when he said that the creation of the state of Israel was the beginning of ruin. In his defense, he said he was only anti-Zinoist, not anti-Semite.  (though he did also say that "the Federal Reserve is owned by Rothschild and Rockefeller").

In an interview to Israeli newspaper The Marker Vattimo said as follows:

"Without believing anything in the Protocols [of Zion], I feel there's Jewish hegemony in the financial system, at least in the West.  Look at the weight of the Rothschilds and other Jewish families in the Federal Reserve. This hegemony is the result of a long history - even due to the ban on Jews owning land, which led them to financial activity.  This control exists in many ways: For example, once I took a stand against the bombing of Gaza, the Italian newspapers where I was writing stopped publishing my articles. In the financial strength of the international Jewish community I see the reason for the Israeli suppression of Palestinian freedom."

Asked about the power of the EU in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, he replied: "Of course the EU should pressure Israel much more.  But it's unlikely because of the Jewish control of the economy."

"I define myself as an anti-Zionist, like many Jews around the world."  He continues, explaining that Zionism started off okay, but now it's a "racist, undemocratic doctrine that made a pact with reactionary forces around the world."

He's not anti-Semitic, of course.  "It's a typical trick of Israeli propaganda that identifies anti-Zionism with antisemitism and therefore with Nazism.

Later in the article he explains why the  EU should fight America and all its allies (Israel!), and why he supports Ahmadinejad.

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