Sunday, May 25, 2014

Israel: Bedouin lynch mob attacks Jews, torches their car with dog inside

Three ultra-religious men were attacked by dozens of young men shouting "Allah Akbar! in the Arab village of Tuba-Zangaria.

The men had come to the village for a dental appointment.  Outside, the rumor spread that they were there for a 'price tag' attack (ie, vandalism).  When they came out of the dentist's house, dozens of young men were waiting for them, blocking their exit.   The Arabs started throwing stones and shouting "Allah Akbar".  The Jewish men panicked, and fled.  According to the men, they were also shots fired at them.

One of the Jews was caught and beaten up, the other two managed to escape but were lightly injured in the process.  At one point he heard someone saying "let's finish with him already, throw a boulder on his head."  Luckily, one of his friends had managed to call the police, who arrived and stopped the lynch.

The car of the men was torched, along with the dog of one of the men, who was inside.

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