Sunday, May 4, 2014

Russia: RT's 'humorous' take on the Israel/Palestine conflict

Netanyahu, on the right, portrayed as a religious Jew

Via Elder of Ziyon:, the Russian state-funded English-language media outlet, posted what is meant to be a humorous "rap news" piece that purports to give the truth about Israel. The show is created by two Australians. 
The number of lies and slanders in this 7 minute piece rival anything in Arab media. 
The piece shows a trigger-happy Netanyahu justifying Israel's existence based solely on Jewish suffering, wantonly killing a Hamas leader who was willing to recognize Israel. The Six Day War is shown as a malicious land grab and UNSC 242 is misrepresented as insisting that Israel return all lands, which Bibi says is antisemitic.His actions are justified by American media and John Kerry, afraid to say anything to offend Israel.

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