Friday, May 16, 2014

Hungary: Jobbik politician posts on Jewish plot to cause cancer

Via CFCA and TED:

Turóczi Lajos, head of the Jobbik party in Jászalsószentgyörgy (northern central Hungary) posted antisemitic conspiracy theories on his Facebook page.

Turóczi shared posts from the antisemitic Magyar Pálos Trend page.

For May 1, he posted that Israel is chemically poisoning Hungarians. The post claimed there's a Jewish obligation to cause cancer and that "only idiots can't believe that the God-murdering Jews are capable of something like this".

On May 4, Turóczi shared a post that repeated a claim made by other far-right sites: that a tender put out by Mazsök (the Jewish Heritage of Hungary Public Endowment) to develop Jewish schools was racist because they did not offer to develop the schools of the host nation.  The post claimed that the Hungarians were racially excluded from the tender and that all the money goes to the Jews.

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