Tuesday, May 13, 2014

UK: Jews increasingly support the Conservatives 'as they got richer'

I wouldn't call this antisemitic per-se, but Livingstone is relying on antisemitic stereotypes.  It's not the policies of Labour against Jews that might cause Jews to shy away from the party.  It's because they're rich (which as it happens, for leftist-leaning politicians also implies 'evil')
Former London mayor Ken Livingstone said that Britain’s Jewish community has increasingly supported Conservative candidates because it has gotten richer.  
“If we were talking 50 years ago, the Roman Catholic community, the Irish community in Britain, the Jewish community was solidly Labor,” Livingstone told BBC’s Newsnight while addressing the role of ethnic minorities in UK politics. “Still the Irish Catholic community is pretty solidly Labor because it is not terribly rich.  
“As the Jewish community got richer, it moved over to voting for Mrs. [Margaret] Thatcher as they did in Finchley,” he said, referring to one of London’s northern districts with a large Jewish community.  
“The defining issue is not your color or your religion,” Livingstone said. “It’s your level of income. People vote according to their income.”
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