Friday, April 8, 2016

Austria: Pro-Palestinian groups encourage militant Anti- Zionism

This is how European governments fight antisemitism.  The Dutch gave Leila Khaled a visa, the Austrians cannot seem to find it within themselves to condemn her incitement against Jews.  See also: Palestinian terrorist who says ISIS is a Zionist organiation invited to lecture in Vienna

Guest post by Austrian Antifascist:

On 15th April PFLP hero Leila Khaled is invited to Vienna/Austria by the Austrian-Arabic Culture Center and Handala Palestinian Culture Forum to make the case for militant Anti-Zionism and PFLP. Khaled was famous for her role in PFLP airplane-hijackings in 1969/70. The hijackings by PFLP were an early stage of a wave of bloody terror attacks perpetrated by the Palestinian Black September terrorist organisation.

After a string of suicide attacks from 2002 – 2004 killing Israeli civilians, PFLP terrorism declined in the following years, but the organisation kept spreading its fascist mentality and irrational hatred of Israelis. The nature of PFLP was once again exposed in November 2014, when PFLP-member Ghassan Abu Jaml and Uday Abu Jaml attacked a Synagogue in Jerusalem in the morning, massacring early prayers with meat cleavers and guns. 4 civilians and one policeman were killed and several injured. Though the Abu Ali Mustapha Brigades, the armed wing of PFLP, withdrew their initial claim of responsibility, PFLP praised the attack as „heroic action“ and went on promoting the attackers as PFLP-martyrs. Another bizarre manifestation of PFLPs approval of butchering Israeli civilians was the emergence of militants posing with axes and meat cleavers at PFLP rallies.

Despite all known facts Austria is fine with Anti-Zionists promoting a lunatic terrorist organisation among Arabs in Vienna. Aside of right-wing demagogues not a single institution or official spoke out against the event. The Austrian Arabic Culture Center describes itself as working in the field of cultural exchange between Arabs and Austrian society.

 (all images from official PFLP-sites and PFLP support sites)

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