Wednesday, April 20, 2016

UK: Students applaud claim that Holocaust Memorial Day suggests Jewish lives are worth more than others

Via Jewish News:
The Jewish community was “in shock” this week after the National Union of Students applauded arguments why NOT to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day and voted a woman who rails against “Zionist-led media” to be its next president.


John Mann, who chairs the All Party Party Group Against Antisemitism reacted by saying: “Today’s comments and their reception were inappropriate, offensive and point to a disturbing wider ignorance about anti-Semitism in NUS.”

He said the student body “is not doing enough to combat anti-Jewish hatred”, and is therefore failing in its responsibilities.

“The fact that delegates applauded these comments, and failed to recognise the attacks on Holocaust Memorial Day for what they were, underlines just how important an improved and far-reaching Holocaust educational effort in the NUS is.”

Meanwhile “armed struggle” advocate Malia Bouattia, who called Birmingham University a “Zionist outpost,” won the election to be the next NUS president in the first round of voting, beating outgoing president Megan Dunn by 371 votes to 328.

See clip on Huffington Post:
Darta Kaleja, from Chester University, argued against the amendment on the grounds that it singled out the Holocaust and ignored other atrocities.

She told the conference: “I am against the NUS ignoring and forgetting other mass genocides and prioritising others.

“It suggests some lives are more important than others.

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