Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Belgium: Jewish academic Anya Topolski posts outrageous Latuff cartoon

"Europe today - Europe in the past" outrageously equating the plight of Arab refugees to European Jews exterminated by the Nazis and their henchmen.  This type of comparison is often used by Israel haters and antisemites.
Anya Topolski, who is a Jewish  Israel-basher has posted a drawing by Carlos Latuff on Facebook. (since removed).  Topolski is a good friend of another Israel-basher Simone Susskind, a prominent member of the largest Belgian Jewish organisation (CCLJ). Carlos Latuff is well known for his relentless hatred for Israel and was awarded second prize at the antisemitic Holocaust cartoon competition in Teheran (2006).

Anya Topolski was invited with Nadia Fadil by Simone Susskind to speak at the Jewish Museum in Brussels.  Susskindis a Socialist MP and recently compared Haredim to Jewish extremists.

See: Brussels Jewish Museum hosts conference with two BDS anti-Israel militants.

Topolski teaches at the Radboud univeristy of Nijmegen and previously at the University of Leuven (KULeuven) and signed a pro-boycott Israel petition initiated by Herman De Ley.   Prof. Herman De Ley is the webmaster of a blog hosted by the University of Ghent which features links to Holocaust-denial and revisionist blogs.

She was with Herman De Ley the only person from Belgium who signed yet another"anti-Israel" petition (Back the Boycott).

Both, Anya Topolski and Nadia Fadil (they pride themselves on belonging to the AEL generation) are admirers of Dyab Abou Jahjah despite the fact that he called several times for the ethnic cleansing/extermination of all six million Jews of Israel ("la valise ou le cercueil", meaning "either the suitcase or the coffin").   
More about Abou Jahjah HERE.

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