Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ireland: British Labour suspend member for saying Holocaust is ‘a useful political tool’

Meanwhile, McAuliffe doubles down on his claims and purports that the 'respectable media' did not touch his story.  "These stories remain confined to media outlets affiliated with or based in Israel", by which he means 'Jewish News', the British Jewish site that broke the story.

McAuliffe is convinced that he cannot be an antisemite, because he has nothing against Jews.  He just hates the evil Zionist ones.  Local Jews who complain about him are obviously Israeli stooges.

Source: Facebook

Via Jewish News:
Labour has suspended a party member who described the Holocaust as “a useful political tool” of Israel to “establish a financial racket”.

John McAuliffe is the latest in a string of party members to have faced similar action in recent weeks.

Dublin-based McAuliffe, who is understood to have been an international member of the UK party, wrote ton Facebook: “The Holocaust has been the most useful political tool of the Zionist government in Israel to establish a financial racket in the West, whereby Israel receives an unlimited sum for the duration of its existence.

“The large level of poverty in Israel among Holocaust survivors shows they don’t care about the emotional impact they are trying to generate. It is about money and military technology. This further paints a clearer picture of the divide between Zionism and Judaism, and their incompatibility.”

His Facebook profile describes him as a “foreign affairs heavyweight” and columnist at Digital Journal and the Cambridge Globalist.

A Labour spokesperson said: “John McAuliffe has been suspended from the Labour Party pending an investigation.” 

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